What is Excel really used for? Three Questions to answer before choosing your data software.

In many of the trainings I do, one of the major misunderstandings is what Excel is really designed to do. Excel is a great spreadsheet program that, compared to other applications, is fairly easy to learn. Another major appeal is how feature rich the program is. Microsoft has added capabilities far beyond the original intention of a spreadsheet program. Therein lies the problem. Just because a program can do a task doesn’t mean it is […]

Tell a Story

One of the questions I have been asked several times recently in Excel trainings is “How do I set up my worksheet?” The best way I can answer that is to ask the questioner what is the story problem they are trying to answer. Most of us have bad memories of story problems in middle school math but that is the best way to determine how to set up a spreadsheet. One of the examples […]

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This blog is a place where we respond to questions that have come up during our Excel training classes and give advice of how to better use one of the most widely used productivity applications.